Love and pain

“I love the sound of rain” she said
“It’s music to my ears”
Yet when thunder claps and lightning strikes
She hides; the sound of it she fears

“I love the glow of candle light
The flickering shade it casts”
She puts it on a crystal stand
For the heat, she says, gives her fright

Flowers beneath her window sills
The blooms she likes to see
But the glass stays firmly shut and locked
As there might be a wandering bee

Subtle and soft, sweet and pure
Is all that she is, and fair
But try as she might to tame my soul
And extend her love and care
I refuse to let her close enough
For she thinks I’m all bloom and rain
But inside, I’m thunderstorm and scorching flame
And to me, love is less joy and more of pain

Written by justateenagegirl

Life, World

What is it about politicians?

Why do politicians make false promises and how do they talk so effortlessly? What is it about them?
It’s like a fountain of professional words that have long since faded out of meaning. They are empty words that look good on paper.

Is this something learnt by the minds that wish to achieve? Or were those people born with the innate ability to talk nonsense in a condescending manner? Or is it a classic combination of both?

I tried to tackle this question from a personal point of view. Before I start explaining, I think it’s important to let you know that I am a lawyer’s daughter. Yes, I grew up with large, daunting, patronising words.
Or maybe it’s just a feature of my personality, that to me words were easy and bereft of meaning. My brother can’t speak like me.

I am in a leadership position at school and always have been whenever I have the opportunity. I do newspaper interviews. Not because I have the best ideas, but because I put them best into words.

Those ideas are not mine. I present them. I represent the people who made them. Sometimes, after a well made speech, that I know in my heart holds no meaning, I feel sick to my stomach. Words sometimes nauseate me, because I over use them.

For some of us, it’s easy. It’s easy to speak with confidence like we chewed up a thesaurus and researched the topic, when in reality we have absolutely no idea what we are saying.

Sometimes we enjoy it. Debating is like a game of chess, manoeuvring and manipulating. Sometimes we disgust ourselves, for it’s clear the audience are having a visible reaction to our words, whilst we feel empty, like a machine that speaks in binary.

Tolstoy once said, (not in these exact words), that all ideas that stand strong are developed with a degree of self interest. This was in Anna Karenina, and he was referring to the theory of communism.
However, his words apply to the modern day world.
All good things and all ideologies that benefit the society are presented by those with ambition.
They speak, but they do not hear themselves.

This, I think, is the secret of politicians. They are not bound by their words. Their words have lost their meaning a long while ago. But those words do have meaning for the general public, and they cannot comprehend how effortless it is for the ambitious to break promises.
Every time you hear a man speak, remember to respect the idea he presents more than you respect him, for as good as he is as a speaker, he might be as clueless about the idea as you are of it.

Written by justateenagegirl

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Keeping track

Somethings don’t change. Time goes on, life goes on, people go on. It’s like when you stare out of the window of a moving train. Everything keeps slipping past, before you have a chance to register what’s going on. It appears as if the world is moving past you, even though it’s you who are moving past the world. However, somethings, like the blue board with white letters that shows each station, remain consistent. Yes, the letters have changed, but the structure is the same. It forms a consistent pattern. The things that don’t change, or rather, change in a consistent way, help you keep track in the midst of all the blur.

written by justateenagegirl



What if

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Replay everything. From your innermost mind. The earliest childhood memory, the nightmares that kept you awake, the stuffed toy you slept with, the first tooth that you lost, the first tears that you shed. Remember the person you last waited for. Acknowledge the moments you wish you never let go.
Replay everything….the good, the bad and the ugly.

Most of us…..we are plagued by the deadly “what if”s. What if I had taken him back, what if I had said the words, what if I had never been there, what if I could have done something….
The “what if”s. They keep you awake at night, leave you wondering at your darkest moments.

Let’s exterminate the “what if”s. They don’t exist. So they are not true. They are not worth your worry, for they never happened, and never will happen.

If you could go back right now,live it all again….who would you be? You probably wouldn’t be you.
Isn’t that a little scary? Yes, you could change somethings, but not without changing yourself in the way. Who would you rather be if you weren’t you? Why change things, when they contributed towards your essence, your identity?

Go back down your memory lane. Replay your life. Cringe, smile and shed a tear at appropriate moments. Your life is beautiful….just the way it is.

Written by justateenagegirl