Keeping track

Somethings don’t change. Time goes on, life goes on, people go on. It’s like when you stare out of the window of a moving train. Everything keeps slipping past, before you have a chance to register what’s going on. It appears as if the world is moving past you, even though it’s you who are moving past the world. However, somethings, like the blue board with white letters that shows each station, remain consistent. Yes, the letters have changed, but the structure is the same. It forms a consistent pattern. The things that don’t change, or rather, change in a consistent way, help you keep track in the midst of all the blur.

written by justateenagegirl



5 things never to attempt while travelling

This, my dear readers, is just a warning, from a person who has been there, and done that.

1) never walk the opposite way on the escalator
It’s quite tempting really, to see what happens if you walk upwards on an escalator that is moving downwards. As a kid, I decided to experiment, to see by how much it will slow me down. What I expected was merely a longer climb that usual. What I ended up with was an almost broken knee cap, and an expensive doctors appointment, in Singapore.

2) never try to negotiate with taxi drivers in foreign countries
This happened to me in Malaysia. I was trying to be smart, and pointed out a shorter route to the taxi driver, claiming that he was taking the longer route on purpose (which was the truth). I could have saved about $15. But the taxi driver drove me around in circles, dropped me at the wrong place, and I was forced to spend a $65 more to get back to the hotel.

3) never get on a theme park ride without having a good look at it
My sister has first hand experience with this one. She wanted to go with a couple of her friends on this ride-thing, where you lie on a mat, and let this dude push you through a tube. The tube was fully covered, very steep, and like a million miles long. Water was running gently through it, so that the rubber mat can slide and let you drop into the water below. I told her not to, because it didn’t look safe to me, plus it looked really worn out. But she of course, didn’t listen. When her turn came, the dude pushed her in. We waited 5 minutes, 8 minutes and finally about 10 minutes after we finally heard the splash. But she had dropped into the water, WITHOUT the mat!! Apparently, the mat had gotten stuck half way through, leaving her dangling upside down in a fully covered tube, and she had to crawl her way down. If it wasn’t for her bruised and shaken state, I would have said the words. (I told you so)

4) try not to fall off a camel
No, this is not a joke. It’s a serious and sad thing. The desert sand in Dubai is soft as powder and warm to place your feet in. But believe me, it does not help the impact when you fall off a camel, and hit the sand bum first. Well, at least I didn’t go elephant riding.

5) never, ever, even think about driving in a new place with your faith in the GPS.
As evidence, I would like to demonstrate a particular incident. We were driving on the Sydney harbour bridge, and we had literally no idea how to get to a particular place. So we obviously used the GPS for directions. Our current location was in the middle of the bridge. The directions we were presented with: “turn to the left in 90 metres”. Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.

Written by justateenagegirl