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What is it about politicians?

Why do politicians make false promises and how do they talk so effortlessly? What is it about them?
It’s like a fountain of professional words that have long since faded out of meaning. They are empty words that look good on paper.

Is this something learnt by the minds that wish to achieve? Or were those people born with the innate ability to talk nonsense in a condescending manner? Or is it a classic combination of both?

I tried to tackle this question from a personal point of view. Before I start explaining, I think it’s important to let you know that I am a lawyer’s daughter. Yes, I grew up with large, daunting, patronising words.
Or maybe it’s just a feature of my personality, that to me words were easy and bereft of meaning. My brother can’t speak like me.

I am in a leadership position at school and always have been whenever I have the opportunity. I do newspaper interviews. Not because I have the best ideas, but because I put them best into words.

Those ideas are not mine. I present them. I represent the people who made them. Sometimes, after a well made speech, that I know in my heart holds no meaning, I feel sick to my stomach. Words sometimes nauseate me, because I over use them.

For some of us, it’s easy. It’s easy to speak with confidence like we chewed up a thesaurus and researched the topic, when in reality we have absolutely no idea what we are saying.

Sometimes we enjoy it. Debating is like a game of chess, manoeuvring and manipulating. Sometimes we disgust ourselves, for it’s clear the audience are having a visible reaction to our words, whilst we feel empty, like a machine that speaks in binary.

Tolstoy once said, (not in these exact words), that all ideas that stand strong are developed with a degree of self interest. This was in Anna Karenina, and he was referring to the theory of communism.
However, his words apply to the modern day world.
All good things and all ideologies that benefit the society are presented by those with ambition.
They speak, but they do not hear themselves.

This, I think, is the secret of politicians. They are not bound by their words. Their words have lost their meaning a long while ago. But those words do have meaning for the general public, and they cannot comprehend how effortless it is for the ambitious to break promises.
Every time you hear a man speak, remember to respect the idea he presents more than you respect him, for as good as he is as a speaker, he might be as clueless about the idea as you are of it.

Written by justateenagegirl

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Movie Reviews

A review of Transformers 4: the age of extinction


So recently,I owed my younger brother a favour, and therefore had to accompany him to the theatres, to watch transformers 4. I’ve already watched all 3 transformers movies and wasn’t that excited about this one. But I was actually ready to give it a shot, and try to enjoy the movie. I had no idea.

First of all, what is with Michael bay and explosions? For the first 20 minutes of the movie, I actually counted the explosions. A hundred and two explosions in 20 minutes. A hundred and two. This should be some kind of world record. I gave up after that, because stuff was blowing up faster than I could count. It’s just funny how everything, no matter what or where it is, randomly bursts into flames. The missile would hit the ground, and it would explode in 3 places. It does not even make sense!

Do you know what else doesn’t make sense? The way women are treated in the movie.
The lead girl character (tessa) has:
blonde hair – ✅ check
Booty shorts and see through shirts – ✅ check
Fake tan – ✅ check
IQ of (-5) – ✅ check
Lipstick that doesn’t smudge after multiple explosions – ✅ check
Ok you could have stopped with the booty shorts, but was it really necessary to call attention to that fact, focus camera on her butt, multiple times? We get the message, she is “hot”.
The girl character in the movie is basically an ornament, along with the BMWs and sports cars.

I’m curious, who wrote the dialogue for this movie? I just wanted to know so that I can stay away from his screen writing for the rest of my life. Like seriously dude, I know sixth graders who have better comebacks. This dialogue I remember between two characters (attinger’s may not be accurate)
Attinger: I have a saying, trust no one.
Lockdown: I have a saying, I don’t care
Uh…pretty lame for a guy who wants to exterminate the human race.

Ladies, there is another issue that deserves concern. The boyfriend. Douche bag alert!!! He is a race car driver who is supposed to make the ladies swoon, but all I could feel was disgusted. I mean, come on, what kind of person carries around a card that allows them to date minors? Oh and let’s not forget the Romeo and Juliet comparison. Bleh…yuck. In one scene, he tells the dad that he “is here to save my girlfriend, not your daughter” Ohhh so that’s why you were hiding behind his back while he risked his life saving your butt. What a wimp. Maybe this dialogue is supposed to sound heroic, but it only annoyed me, because it’s a pretty insensitive thing to say to a dad. I am a teenager myself, but I would never let any boyfriend of mine talk to my dad like that. Tessa was running into his arms and doing the “you are my hero” thing, while I would have just called triple zero.

Let me move on to the technical details. The editing. In one shot, a car is shown to be empty, but in the next shot, there is people in there. Magic! It’s almost as if Michael bay couldn’t sit through his own movie, to refine it properly. I wouldn’t blame him though, it’s three hours of non stop shooting and blowing up. Three whole hours. Half way through, I started zoning out. I would come back to earth with a jerk, to find out that I didn’t miss much, just a couple of buildings and a few hundred cars had toppled over, with no connection whatsoever to the storyline(?). 3 hours of attention is way too much to ask from the audience, and the movie really started dragging at some points.

There were some positive points about the movie. For starters, Stanley Tucci did a very good job with his character, which was quite complex, and succeeded in eliciting a few chuckles from the audience. Mark wahlberg wasn’t too bad as well. His character was a little cliche, but it still worked. And the best thing about the movie so far…the soundtrack was by imagine dragons!! I swear that was the only thing which made the long hours bearable.

When the agony was finally over, I managed to get back on my feet with difficulty (my eardrums were so damaged that I had started having trouble with my balance). The world was suddenly too silent and dull. I was half expecting random shooting and a couple bushes to burst into flames. I hadn’t left the theatre, when I overheard bits of conversation about transformers 5. I sincerely hope that they make another transformers movie. So that I can ignore it, and enjoy the feeling that I ignored it.

Did you guys watch Transformers 4? What did you think?

Written by justateenagegirl


5 things never to attempt while travelling

This, my dear readers, is just a warning, from a person who has been there, and done that.

1) never walk the opposite way on the escalator
It’s quite tempting really, to see what happens if you walk upwards on an escalator that is moving downwards. As a kid, I decided to experiment, to see by how much it will slow me down. What I expected was merely a longer climb that usual. What I ended up with was an almost broken knee cap, and an expensive doctors appointment, in Singapore.

2) never try to negotiate with taxi drivers in foreign countries
This happened to me in Malaysia. I was trying to be smart, and pointed out a shorter route to the taxi driver, claiming that he was taking the longer route on purpose (which was the truth). I could have saved about $15. But the taxi driver drove me around in circles, dropped me at the wrong place, and I was forced to spend a $65 more to get back to the hotel.

3) never get on a theme park ride without having a good look at it
My sister has first hand experience with this one. She wanted to go with a couple of her friends on this ride-thing, where you lie on a mat, and let this dude push you through a tube. The tube was fully covered, very steep, and like a million miles long. Water was running gently through it, so that the rubber mat can slide and let you drop into the water below. I told her not to, because it didn’t look safe to me, plus it looked really worn out. But she of course, didn’t listen. When her turn came, the dude pushed her in. We waited 5 minutes, 8 minutes and finally about 10 minutes after we finally heard the splash. But she had dropped into the water, WITHOUT the mat!! Apparently, the mat had gotten stuck half way through, leaving her dangling upside down in a fully covered tube, and she had to crawl her way down. If it wasn’t for her bruised and shaken state, I would have said the words. (I told you so)

4) try not to fall off a camel
No, this is not a joke. It’s a serious and sad thing. The desert sand in Dubai is soft as powder and warm to place your feet in. But believe me, it does not help the impact when you fall off a camel, and hit the sand bum first. Well, at least I didn’t go elephant riding.

5) never, ever, even think about driving in a new place with your faith in the GPS.
As evidence, I would like to demonstrate a particular incident. We were driving on the Sydney harbour bridge, and we had literally no idea how to get to a particular place. So we obviously used the GPS for directions. Our current location was in the middle of the bridge. The directions we were presented with: “turn to the left in 90 metres”. Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.

Written by justateenagegirl