What if

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Replay everything. From your innermost mind. The earliest childhood memory, the nightmares that kept you awake, the stuffed toy you slept with, the first tooth that you lost, the first tears that you shed. Remember the person you last waited for. Acknowledge the moments you wish you never let go.
Replay everything….the good, the bad and the ugly.

Most of us…..we are plagued by the deadly “what if”s. What if I had taken him back, what if I had said the words, what if I had never been there, what if I could have done something….
The “what if”s. They keep you awake at night, leave you wondering at your darkest moments.

Let’s exterminate the “what if”s. They don’t exist. So they are not true. They are not worth your worry, for they never happened, and never will happen.

If you could go back right now,live it all again….who would you be? You probably wouldn’t be you.
Isn’t that a little scary? Yes, you could change somethings, but not without changing yourself in the way. Who would you rather be if you weren’t you? Why change things, when they contributed towards your essence, your identity?

Go back down your memory lane. Replay your life. Cringe, smile and shed a tear at appropriate moments. Your life is beautiful….just the way it is.

Written by justateenagegirl


4 thoughts on “What if

  1. I like it so much ,, and I have made so many mistakes few years ago ,, I always wonder ,, what if I did not made those mistakes ,, what if I took a step back ,, what would happened ?! even though I regret nothing ,, those mistakes was an experiance for me ,, lessons that made me learn a lot ,, but still wondering ,, would my life be different ?!

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